No more cookie cutter training plans.

Repth is an AI cycling coach built for just you. It uses psychology, physiology, and performance data to unlock new levels of fitness without burning you out.


A coach that never sleeps

Your pocket-sized cheerleader and drill sergeant, rolling out fun and fresh workouts while you're still rolling out of bed. Ready when you are, and even when you're not.


Every plan is one-of-one

Repth crafts a training plan tuned to your tempo, whether you need to squeeze a workout in between kid pickups, or you're a professional amateur bike racer.


Adapting on a dime

Variety is the spice of life, and Repth's got the recipe. It tweaks your training in a heartbeat based on your latest performance, keeping you motivated when the going gets tough.

Does this sound familiar?

"My training app just gives me a generic 12-week course on "lifting my FTP." How do I know this is the right plan?"

"I have an important race next June. How can I make sure I'm at peak fitness at that time?"

"I had to miss a week of training, and now my plan no longer makes sense. What do I do now?"

If this rings a bell, Repth was made for you.

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What it looks like

What's shown below is a real example of a week of workouts, progressing an athlete towards a longer-term goal later in the season. Workouts are imported from Strava, and upcoming races, or unavailability are considered in the overall plan. As real life gets in the way, Repth adapts and improves the plan moving forward.

Base 3 - Week 4 Regenerate workouts for the week of 2024-03-18 11 hours

Recovery week with an emphasis on Active Recovery and Endurance rides. Use this week to prepare for the upcoming build phase.


"Following Repth all winter has built my foundation perfectly, and it's timing my peak fitness for the spring racing season well. I've never been more fit."

Bob Sacamano Elite competitive cyclist in California

Wanna be a guinea pig?

Repth is under active development and being tested by a closed group of athletes at all ability levels.
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